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The current state of digital-based art programs and applications has arrived at the perfect culmination of art and technology. In some ways, it may also be the most relevant form of art-making today. Advances in this technology have allowed artists to not only replicate the techniques, textures, and mediums of “analog” art but it has also given them the tools to push further into other areas and literally advance art form it’s long-standing place of stagnation. With a device such as an iPad and a simple WIFI connection, an artist has access to all images available to a person at his/her fingertips. And coupled with the advanced cameras in these portable devices, we have the ability to bring almost any image into our digital workspace to manipulate, draw on, use as reference or whatever else we can think of. In short, we now have more creative freedom than we ever have in the history of art.

The speed and efficiency that an artist can work in this platform directly mimics, or rather coincides with, the pace that we now exist in this fast paced, post-modern society. Within this digital sphere, an artist can create, manipulate and add layers of other mediums to a piece of art-such as sound or animation-and directly share to viewers on digital platforms such as Instagram. The whole of the process is contained within the digital realm, a shared experience never once being in the context of a gallery or museum space. My digital work is a synthesis of traditional drawing and digital composite/collage influenced by abstract concepts and design. Often the works have expanded into video and sound made possible by the video capture features on programs such as Procreate.

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