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The series of reclaimed objects started after spending my first entire year in Paris, France. While wandering the streets of Paris, I began to collect discarded objects that I found interesting and bring them back to my studio. In time, these objects were deconstructed, repurposed, and often painted on. Pieces of posters, books, and even my own photographs coalesced and collaged onto discarded fruit crates that were found at the daily markets. Brought together, these disparate objects recontextualize time and purpose.

Some objects were brought to the studio to be worked on to be placed back into the public space. These ‘abandoned’ works were conceived with the idea of questioning the value of art in spaces inundated with advertisements and commercial images or areas littered with discarded objects and otherwise marked by time in an urban fashion. At the same time, they are also intended to question the line between art and advertisement, concept and commercialism. Each work that is placed back into the urban environment is not fixed or made permanent in any way. They are free to be taken by anyone who wants them.

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